Is Maintenance Included With My Car Lease?

What you should know about covered costs and lease warranties

Leases have become more common among drivers because they're often cheaper than buying outright. This is a smart financial decision for people who don't want to spend thousands of dollars upfront when purchasing a car.

A car lease is similar to leasing an apartment or home. You don't own the vehicle, but you pay a monthly fee for a specific time (usually 2-3 years) to drive the car.

You have the option to continue your lease for another period of time, lease a new car, or buy the vehicle at the end of the lease.

But would maintenance be covered as it would be with an apartment lease? Unfortunately, the answer isn't as straightforward. It depends on the car manufacturer.

Most car manufacturers offer complimentary maintenance, but only for a limited time. Additionally, only a select few will offer complimentary maintenance services that would cover the entire time you lease the car.

What is Maintenance Repair?

Maintenance repair covers any repairs needed to keep your car running smoothly throughout its life cycle.

Your lease agreement will specify, for the duration of the lease, who is accountable for any necessary maintenance or repairs, and the costs associated with those expenses.

If no maintenance package is offered, you are responsible for the costs and repairs, and vice versa.

Lease contracts can also incorporate the manufacturer's warranty for additional services.

If you fail to keep up with the required servicing and the proper maintenance schedule on a leased vehicle, you may be subject to a hefty fee at the end of the lease.

Furthermore, this neglect can cause the warranty to become invalid as well.

Overview of Routine Maintenance Services on Car Leases

If your lease included complimentary maintenance, all necessary repairs and replacement parts for your leased vehicle are covered.

During a routine maintenance appointment, your car may receive services, such as: 

● Oil and filter change 

● Brake pad replacements 

● Wheel alignment 

● Tire rotations 

● Tire and tread check 

● Shock and Struts check 

● Spark plugs 

● Battery check 

● Fluid levels 

● Front and rear differential check 

● Windshield wiper change 

● Tire changes. 

Maintenance can be costly without a warranty, depending on your vehicle's make. For more serious repairs, the expenses can run quite high.


Routine maintenance service usually includes labor charges.

Labor rates differ depending on where you live and the kind of work you need done.

For example, if you have an oil leak, it would probably take longer than a typical oil change to fix. In this case, the mechanic might charge extra for his time.

Additionally, driving a European car will significantly increase maintenance and repair expenditures.

This is due to the vehicles having unique parts, and the types of engine oil used.

You can find out how much your particular repair will cost by contacting your local dealership or leasing company.

You can also ask your dealer about their pricing structure.


The frequency of your maintenance visits will depend on the vehicle you drive, how often you drive your car, and the road conditions in your area.

If you don't drive your car often or for long periods, a minimum yearly service may be all that's required.

However, more frequent servicing may be required if you live in an area with icy and rough road conditions.

Most vehicles have a mileage requirement for when a car needs servicing.


If your lease does not include complimentary maintenance servicing, then a warranty is usually included in the contract to cover any major repairs.

The cost and coverage of the warranty will depend on whether you choose to go with a manufacturer or premium warranty.

In general, car warranties cover anything related to: 

● Parts that wear out faster than expected 

● Damage or malfunctions that occur during everyday use 

● Replacement costs on parts 

● Labor costs during repairs. 

A car warranty can be completely voided if you replace any parts yourself, so it's best to take your car to the dealership or leasing company if you're still within your warranty window.

Additionally, the warranty will not cover: 

● Routine maintenance 

● Damage caused by abnormal use and excessive wear 

● Normal wear and tear 

● Damage caused by accidents or weather. 

Warranties can also differ by state. For example, California has an additional emissions warranty.

Complimentary Maintenance, Maintenance Cost, and Routine Service by Car Brand

Maintenance costs, routine service intervals, and whether complimentary maintenance is offered vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

To compare the associated costs for each car manufacturer, see the table below:



Maintenance Cost

Routine Service


Per Year



No $500 7, 500

Alfa Romeo

First service only $800-$1, 000 10, 000


No $900-$1, 000 10, 000


3 years or 36, 000

$750-$1, 200 10, 000



First service only $600 5, 000


First service only $1, 100 7, 500


No $650 7, 500


No $600 8, 000


No $630 8, 000


3 scheduled visits

$775 5, 000

through Ford's

reward program 


3 years or 36, 000

$560 7, 500



First service only $740 7, 500


2 years or 24, 000

$430 7, 500

miles for models

2023 or newer


3 years or 36, 000

$430 7, 500





3 years for 20223

$640 7, 500

models or newer

5 years or 60, 000

$1, 100 5, 000


3 years or 36, 000

$630 8, 000



Land Rover

3 years or 36, 000

$470 7, 000


No $1200 5, 000


4 services before 2

$550 5, 000

years or 20, 000



4 years or 50, 000

$880 10, 000



No $1, 200 12, 500


No $462 7, 500


No $900 10, 000


3 years or 36, 000

$840 10, 000



No $500 7, 500


First service only $1, 200 10, 000


Two services within

$690 8, 000

the first year on

select models.



2 years or 24, 000

$600 6, 000


No $830 12, 500




2 years or 25, 000

$440 5, 000


2 years or 20, 000 $680 10, 000

3 years or 36, 000

$780 7, 000



Complimentary maintenance is included with most car manufacturers when you sign a lease.

If maintenance isn't included in the service contract, it's a good idea to talk to your dealership or leasing company about the warranty options on offer.

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