What Credit Score Is Needed To Lease a Car ?

April 21, 2021 , Katrina Lubiano

What Credit Score Is Needed to Lease a Car?

To lease a new vehicle, you must first prove to the dealer that you are financially stable enough to make monthly payments. This means having a high credit score.

A higher credit score indicates that yo'e less likely to default on loans and that yo'e more responsible with your finances.

Almost any car leasing company will require applicants to submit their FICO Auto scores before they will approve a lease application.

Knowing your credit profile will help them determine how much to charge you for leasing a car.
But what exactly does a credit score mean? How do you get one, and is there a perfect credit score?


Is There an Ideal Score?

According to a Nerdwallet feature on credit scores required for car finance, Experia' 2022 Consumer Credit Review indicates that there was a slight rise in the average credit scores of those seeking finance for vehicles.

The study shows that the average credit score for used car loans was 669, and the average for new cars was 736. Don’t worry! You can still lease a car if your score is lower than 700!

Why a Good Credit Score Is Needed for a Lease

A less than ideal credit history may not only hamper your chances of getting a loan, but you could end up paying much more money over the life of the vehicle.

But what does a credit score really mean? I' not just a number. A credit score represents your financial history over the past two years.

It shows lenders whether yo'e made timely payments, whether yo'e had any bankruptcies, and whether yo'e made any fraudulent purchases.

If you want to lease a car, you should check your FICO score before applying. You will most likely need to take steps to improve your credit record if you have a low score.

You can find your credit score online for free. Just visit myFico and enter your Social Security Number. Then click "Get My Score."

Other factors

But it wo' just be your credit score that determines what price yo'l pay. Other factors include your income, down payment, lease term length, vehicle age, mileage limits, and even your driving record.

Your credit score is' everything. There are other things a dealership might consider when determining how much to charge you. For example, some dealerships may want to see proof of insurance, proof of auto payments, or proof of employment.
There are options to improve your chances of approval, even with poor credit. For example, you could start by paying off old debt, making sure you have enough cash to make monthly payments, and keeping track of your spending.

Can you Lease a Car with Low Credit?

A low credit score does' always mean your chances of qualifying for a lease or auto loan are impossible. But it will mean that auto leasing companies that you may be a high-risk borrower, which can have some slightly higher costs impacts associated with that.

Credit scores are calculated based on information found in your report card, including payment history, length of time yo'e been borrowing money, and types of accounts you have. If yours reflect a bad credit history, you will likely be faced with slightly more expensive leasing terms.

Most new car companies have a cut off of around 650 - with some having lower cut-offs and some having more strict cut offs. However, one way to make sure you get the highest possible rate is if you add a co-signer! If your co-signer has a Tier 1 credit score (usually 700 or higher), it often means you are eligible for a much lower rate as opposed to if you had a low score and applied alone!

Build Your Score

If yo'e been in the difficult position of finding your score is less than ideal, there are ways to resolve the problem. Here are some tips on how to build your score:


Pay bills on time

Missing lease payments, personal loans, and credit payments will result in a poor credit score. Always pay on time, or else yo'l end up paying extra money. Do' miss any payments if you want to keep your good credit rating.

Pay down credit cards & Pay on time

Reducing credit card balances by cutting down debt can improve your credit score faster than if you make larger monthly payments. In addition, credit scores improve when credit cards are dropped to 10% or less of their limits.

Ideally, keeping your balance under 20% of the total available credit limit is best.

Dispute errors on your credit report

Check your credit reports regularly for errors and dispute errors on your credit report that can cause problems with your credit score. In addition, these errors can affect your ability to borrow money for vehicle loans or even home rentals.

Avoid applying for new loans before you look for a lease

A lender will look at your recent activity to determine if yo'e financially stable enough to handle a new car lease. Having too many new loans can hurt your chances of qualifying for a car lease.


In conclusion, if you have bad credit, you might find it difficult to qualify for financing when buying a new vehicle. Fortunately, there are various solutions to overcoming this problem, like adding a co-signer or by paying slightly more in interest.

First, check your credit report before applying for any loan. Then, consider using a secured auto loan instead of an unsecured one.

Finally, shop around for different lenders and see which offer you the best rates.

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